I think this is maybe the first MF DOOM track I was really into. This beat is 100% my aesthetic - bouncy bass, sexually explicit lyrics, stuttering soul samples. I don't normally like stories about cheaters, but this is interesting and weird: we know MF DOOM and Viktor Vaughn are the same person but the conceit here is that she's a cheater because she's been with two of his multiple personalities (because she left Viktor for DOOM). It's so weird. I'm powerfully into it. My new passion is really specific lyrics:

Oh man. I kind of want to do any analysis to see what the stylistic differences between DOOM and Viktor Vaughn are. This is typically the kind of song I like to listen to on repeat , but it's not on Spotify (they only have the Madvillainy instrumentals) so I'm reduced to YouTube (and using this website for other repeaters like me).

First heard this in Paprika a few months ago - this is a 'remix' of the original score from the film - it's basically just a loop of the best bit of the song. It's frantic and upbeat and I have no idea what anyone is saying which is frankly my preferred set of attributes in anything.

This set was my obsession during the tail end of 2012. It was basically the house party mix that no one ever let me play at our house parties.

This whole mixtape is fucking insane. Cannot recommend enough. Acquire it here


One of the best mixtapes ever? Last four tracks are so so solid. Chance is a proper nice guy.

The first time I saw this I thought it was a freestyle - it's too smart for that really. But it does feel like it has a loose, improvisational vibe, right?

I'm like Malcolm Gladwell: pseudoscientific

Pretty solid opener.

Don't hear Debussy samples too much these days

:') so cute

Haha this one actually is on Spotify but I really like it and this has basically become a nostalgic feelings page: "There's always other boys, there's always other boyfriends. There's always other boys, you can make him like you." Weird: the song title makes it sound like some girl pining after a guy and trying hard to win his affections, but the theme of the song seems to be how disposable boys are.

Had written a whole thing about this song (with references to all kinds of crazy stuff: Pascal's Wager, True Detective, Dave Free's LinkedIn) but I fucking suck at version control and I think I overwrote it and now I feel like a real idiot. Song is still good though. Trying to remember what else was on this page that I've overwritten. I gotta be more careful.

I was so so into this song in 2012. It's sad and regretful, but they still love each other so it's romantic as well. In the depths of my CoD addiction, I'd sit on my bed at night listening to this on repeat, drinking metallic tasting red wine, and shredding guys with the KSG.

They have Hell Hath No Fury but for some reason Lord Willin' is missing from Spotify. I went through a phase where I was super into Pusha-T: I still think he's a decent rapper, but he's also kind of boring (we get it: you sold cocoaine). This is still the anthem though.

Spotify has Nujabes' soundtrack for Samurai Champloo but none of his other stuff. To be honest, his music is probably what I miss most on Spotify. He's just so good. They don't even have Ta-Ku's 25 Nights for Nujabes.

What's annoying about this one is that Matt just showed it to me and it's so nice and I want to listen to it on repeat but can't because it's not on stupid Spotify. We saw Atmosphere on Friday - they played this one to great enthusiasm from the crowd. Some of the twinkly wistfulness of the beat was lost in the live version and overall the song didn't do much for me at the time. Then back at home on Saturday morning Matt played this and gave me some back story, talked me through the lyrics, etc. and now I'm super into it. Possibly just his enthusiasm, but I think it is also a really appealing song.

And check the floor, God's got nice tile
Tell Jacob Miles to keep that shit wild style
And I'll smile
And check the floor, God's got nice tiles